Health & Safety

As a member in good standing of the National Safety Council #886675, we take our commitment to safety seriously and seek to empower everyone in our organization to help themselves and each other. At Alco, safety isn’t just a policy, it’s a culture.

  • After an initial 90 days, all associates are given the opportunity to become certified in first aid.
  • We place a heavy emphasis on safety practices during our employee training program.
  • Suggestion boxes are located in each facility and we encourage our employees to submit ways that safety, productivity and efficiency could be improved; suggestions are regularly reviewed and often implemented.
  • Alco maintains a safety committee at each facility. These committees are made up of representatives from different departments, allowing them to take a well-rounded and thoughtful approach to safety problem-solving and collaboration.
  • All supervisors are trained to look for and address safety hazards.
Safe practices
Safe Practices

Working safely is a condition of employment

  • Personal Protective Equipment: Must be worn at all times where required.
  • Safety devices and guards: Devices installed to assure safe machine operation shall not be removed, tampered with, or bypassed.
  • Lock-out/tag-out: Lock-out/tag-out procedures must be followed.
  • Electrical work/arc flash: Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment must be used when electrical work is being done or there is potential for arc flash.
  • Seat belts/restraints: All operators and passengers of powered industrial trucks and equipment must use available seatbelts and restraints.