Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC was founded in Elyria in 1971 when a small machine shop run by Elson Donovan and a partner began machining parts for the hydraulic market. They formed strategic partnerships in the Cleveland area—at the time, a strong economic environment for manufacturers—with Acme Gridley screw machines acting as the backbone of the company. Thanks to forward-thinking founders, hard-working staff and a strong culture, Alco quickly grew.

1971 – Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC was started by Elson Donovan in Elyria, OH.

1984 – Due to a reduction of manufacturing in a competitive plant in Pontiac, Michigan, One of Alco’s customers was in need of parts manufactured. The customer booked up all 12 of the machines available from Alco, which led to increased revenue and expansion.

1992 – Kevin Koepp, together with 17 employees, including managers and floor members, purchased 49{b16db77a29526cd016d08db1cbbcba7804d0bdf4c1012d01c15e8aca3999a820} of the company from Elson, turning employees into shareholders and giving them the decision-making power.

1994 – Desiring continued growth, Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC made a large addition to the company and added on to the current location; each year after this expansion, the company added between 5,000 – 10,000 square feet.

Mid-1990s – 2000s – The company continued to grow, eventually reaching up to $50 million in revenue; Alco committed itself to nonleaded steel production and got an early edge over its competitors

2006 – Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC is acquired by Stone Arch Capital Partners of Minneapolis, MN, a private equity firm; Elson Donovan retires; Kevin Koepp becomes the President of the Company.

2011 – Blue Point Capital purchases Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC from Stone Arch Capital Partners.

2012 – Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC opens a new facility in Machesney Park, IL.

2015 – Kevin Koepp retires; DJ Mumma becomes CEO of the company.

2016 – Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC acquires Lakeshore Fittings, Inc. in Grand Haven, MI.

2017 – Alco Manufacturing  Corporation, LLC acquires K&M Precision Products Co. in Dexter, MI.

2017 – Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC opens a new CNC and distribution facility in Oberlin, OH.

2018 – MiddleGround Capital purchases Alco Manufacturing Corporation, LLC from Blue Point Capital.